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The current climate of high silver prices and low exchange rates has created a market where wholesale prices have no alternative but to increase.

We have contacted our manufactures and have now completed our calculations for the new prices (with shocking results!).

We have shown a few examples below and as you will see most items are coming up with approx 100% increase in price and one pendant is 3 times the current price!

SP01 current price 9.38 to re-order at today's silver prices and exchange rates 19.98

SP 65 current price 14.64 to re-order at today's silver prices and exchange rates 26.56

SP168 current price 13.58 to re-order at today's silver prices and exchange rates 23.74

SP171 current price 8.00 to re-order at today's silver prices and exchange rates 24.68

You may notice that our manufacturers have increased the item prices of some of the pendants significantly (eg SP171 is now more expensive than SP168) we are unsure why! please also bear in mind that these prices do not include the 2.5% increase in VAT in January!

I wish the news was better, but to be honest I do not see the situation improving in the near future, I personally would advise you to hang on and wait for prices to fall or exchange rates to improve.

With this in mind we have decided to hold on to our current wholesale stock to sell through our own retail shop and website. We hope you will understand.

In light of these results we personally do not feel the climate is currently right to be ordering new stock, however, should you wish to replenish your stock we would be happy to produce it for you supject to a minimum order of 500 and a 50% deposit upfront. Delivery would take approx 4 weeks subject to the shipment clearing customs without any hold ups.

Thank you for your custom and here's hoping the situation improves soon.  Kath www.925heaven.com

925Heaven is a the wholesale trading name of Earthchild Ltd (Reg No. 5754025 England & Wales).
Updated: 16th August 2009

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